Falmouth, Jamaica

Shore Excursions in Falmouth

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Explore the Beauty of Falmouth with Unforgettable Shore Excursions

Discover the Hidden Gems of Falmouth, Jamaica

Dreaming of a tropical escape? Look no further than our Shore Excursions in Falmouth, Jamaica! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey that promises to turn your cruise stop into the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s why our Falmouth shore excursions are an absolute must-try.

Immerse Yourself in Falmouth’s Rich History

Step back in time with our historic Falmouth tours. Begin your day at the remarkable Greenwood Great House, an 18th-century gem filled with fascinating stories. As you wander through the lush gardens and ornate rooms, you’ll be transported to an era of elegance and charm. Dive deeper into history at the Falmouth Court House and St. Peter’s Anglican Church, both architectural wonders. The vibrant tales of Falmouth’s past come to life with each step.

Dive into Crystal Clear Waters

For the water enthusiasts, Falmouth’s shore excursions offer something truly special. Experience the Caribbean Sea like never before with our snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Luminous Lagoon, where the water glows with a mesmerizing bioluminescent spectacle. You’ll feel like you’re swimming among the stars! Or, explore the vibrant marine life at the coral reefs, a paradise for underwater enthusiasts.

Taste the Authentic Flavors of Jamaica

Foodies, this one’s for you! Delight your taste buds with a culinary journey through Falmouth’s local cuisine. Savor mouthwatering jerk chicken, succulent seafood, and tropical fruits at the Falmouth Food Market. And don’t forget to sip on a refreshing glass of Jamaican rum punch – a true Caribbean indulgence. You’ll leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

Feel the Rhythm of Reggae

Falmouth is the heart of reggae, and our excursions make sure you experience it to the fullest. Visit the birthplace of Bob Marley and immerse yourself in the world of reggae music. Feel the rhythm, dance to the beat, and understand the spirit of Jamaica through its iconic tunes. It’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss.

Shopping Extravaganza

Shopaholics, rejoice! Falmouth offers some of the best shopping opportunities in the Caribbean. From local crafts and artwork to duty-free jewelry and fashion, you can find unique souvenirs to cherish forever. The Crafts Market is a treasure trove of handmade goods that will remind you of your Jamaican adventure.


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